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BrainWin's mission is to help you improve substantially and lastingly your company's performance and value. How do we contribute to your success? By providing:

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Management consulting

You can rely on us to help you achieve substantial and lasting bottom-line results. We will help you (re)define a successful business strategy, manage your corporate performance using balanced scorecards and strategy maps, increase revenue and cut costs using strategic sourcing, ICT and e-business tools. Continuously cutting costs keeps your company lean and mean, and builds a lasting cost advantage over your competitors. But however important, cost reductions are not enough to build a sustained competitive advantage. We will help your company and partners establish leadership through innovation management and business strategy based on improving customer satisfaction.

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As a trustworthy friend we will stand by your side and help you manage your company. More than ever, successful company leaders rely on the best team of experienced management consulting firms to take the right decisions and implement the best performing business strategy.

Our company's expertise is based on a mix of skills and knowledge from board level excecutives, business analysts, and IT managers with academic degrees and a minimum of 20 years managerial experience. We help you to bridge the gap between management, people and technology.

IT consulting

Information technology is now an essential part of business strategy. All key players participating in your business (employees, customers, suppliers, media, government...) rely on your IT infrastructure like on a nervous system. We know IT. We know how people and IT interact. Computer consulting and people consulting: both are our way of life. Our IT consultants are in this industry since 1990. We know what works and what is hype. It's a pleasure for us to share our expertise and knowledge with you.
Our premium partner:

Our ICT consultants are business managers. We think it is a requirement to quantify the Return On Investment (ROI) and value of IT investments, and the impact on the entire business. We also think it is important to communicate the real value of IT to the people using it, in plain English, no geek speak.

If you are a business manager interested in increasing profits and lowering costs, in doing more with less, we can help you with your IT strategy and tactic. If you are an IT manager interested in maximizing the impact of IT on your business performance, and to show your management how your IT strategy improves the company's value: we can help you.

E-business consulting

E-business. Consulting. Most hyped terms. Fortunately, e-business and consulting both survive the hype. It's more than e-commerce, much more. What is e-business? There is more than one definition of e-business, but essentially it's about the basics of how future companies will work, survive and evolve in the business world. The famous quote remains true: 'e-business or no business'. All businesses will be e-businesses eventually, making the 'e' superfluous. You better rely on independent e-business consultants-partners who's advice is not 'biased' toward some products, suppliers or service providers. We do not resell third party products or services. We advise and implement successful e-business strategies. We can work with your existing partners. We can advise you about new partners. You can trust us to pursue only your best interests, without any hidden agenda.

Business Intelligence

Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence are the main resources for success in future business worlds. Working harder is not enough. Working smarter is necessary. How do you acquire it? How do you keep it? How do you breed it? We can help you.

Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, e-Procurement

Strategic Sourcing, e-procurement and supply chain management can significantly reduce costs and improve bottom line results. We can help your company improve the purchasing business processes and define a new performing sourcing strategy. By combining new strategic sourcing strategies with e-procurement and supply chain management, your company will dramatically improve bottom line results and business performance, thanks to the successful integration of people, solutions and technologies like telecommunications, information technology systems, computer hardware and computer software, wireless network solutions, VPN networking services and Web Services. It will be a pleasure for to share our knowledge with you.

Business Process Outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Business process outsourcing often starts with technical IT outsourcing. The growing complexity of IT and the difficulty to find and retain trained IT staff are key elements in the priority given to technical IT outsourcing. However attractive technical IT outsourcing is, it remains a very important decision with many complex aspects. Without an independent trusted IT consultant with experience in both business management and technology, some outsourcing experiences ended in disasters. Brainwin provides IT outsourcing consulting expertise you can rely on.

More importantly, IT management is not the core business of most enterprises. Real IT management requires a fundamental understanding of both business and technology, and a long experience. Such CIO's are near impossible to find, and extremely expensive. Can your company find one fast enough? Even if your company can find one, is your company big enough to need his expensive services full time over a longer period? In most cases, IT management outsourcing is much more flexible and cost effective for most companies. Let's talk about it!

IT co-sourcing

Some companies feel uncomfortable implementing a full business process outsourcing strategy. Partial IT outsourcing, or IT co-sourcing, may offer a solution, temporary or final. It can provide a first step to a full IT outsourcing service, but first keep the full business process in-house, and delegate some tasks to outsourcing service providers. Whether technical IT outsourcing or IT management outsourcing, a flexible partnership with an external outsourcing firm has proven to be a very efficient and cost effective strategy.

IT co-sourcing is a good formula. A well-balanced equilibrium keeps in-house an important feeling of being in control, but provides many of the advantages offered by the integration of IT outsourcing and consulting solutions.

E-business outsourcing

E-business process outsourcing is an obvious choice. Even for large enterprises, it is not possible to keep up with all the changes influencing e-business management. The lack of trained resources and faster time to market pressure accelerate this evolution. Cost reductions and higher quality results are free bonuses granted by an outsourcing strategy. But what e-business outsourcing services do we provide?


Management Training

Do you think management capital is a major asset of your company? We think so. Your company's resources in management and leadership define your business future. How do you breed young management talent? How do you improve young management skills? Most employees execute many management tasks without training in any basic management skills. Some succeed, most fail at executing flawlessly. Exclusively acquiring or hiring external experienced managers is impossible. All successful companies, without exception, are successful by continuously improving the management skills of their young internal staff. A clearly defined management training strategy breeds and trains young managers with new ideas and the management skills required to be successful. It is clear the greatest resource for intellectual capital is your internal staff, and our management training courses provide the management skills it needs.

Brainwin provides custom made basic management training courses covering various important management skills: project management, self-management, time management and knowledge management. Brainwin's management consultants and trainers are experienced in both management and training. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Computer Training

Company employees provide great added value, but are very costly. In Belgium, the average company cost of a skilled employee is 100.000 Euros yearly! Working two hundred days per year, and seven hours each day, the hourly employee cost is more than 70 Euro. Improving and maximizing productivity and efficiency is therefore an absolute requirement for survival.

Many employees use computers during more than 6 hours a day. It is now by far the most used productivity tool in most companies. There is no need for employees to become computer experts, but optimizing each computing minute spent at work is a necessity. Learning how to use efficiently and securely computer hardware, computer software, computer networking infrastructure and internet access is essential.

Brainwin provides basic computer training, computer security training, network security training, it training, internet training and e-business training services. All improve productivity, efficiency, knowledge and motivation. An old quote says: 'information is power'. We think knowledge and know-how are empowering! Don't you?

E-business Training

Complementing our e-business outsourcing services, our e-business training services should become an essential part of your e-business strategy. Because it is important that your teams learn the power, the tools and the rules of e-business. They will include e-business solutions in their early strategy and concepts of new or existing services and products. The way it should be.



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